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iCrescere Services Corp Privacy Statement – Career

  1. Registration

By registering as a user on this website, you voluntarily choose to provide ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP and any of its bonafide member with your personal data and you explicitly consent to the collection, processing and use of the information subject to the following guidelines:


  1. You hereby acknowledge that ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP as a Philippine company that operates joint administrative by using multiple systems in order to share information about human resources for the purposes of a unified recruiting system.


  1. ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP may process the personal data manually or automatically by authorized employees of ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP and/or other authorized assigned third parties.


  1. ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP has internal policies that enable an equal security standard within ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP to comply with applicable data protection laws.


  1. Furthermore any assigned third party processing your personal data on behalf of ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP, if the case may be, shall be obliged to maintain confidentiality and follow strict security measures.


  1. Your personal data may be stored and processed by ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP to share it with any member of ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP within the scope of the recruiting purposes and for contacting you about job opportunities at ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP (“recruiting purposes”).


When you register as a user on iCrescere Service Corp. Website, in addition to any personal information that you voluntarily provide, ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP may collect your IP address to obtain certain standard information that your browser sends to our website such as your browser type, language settings, access times, and the address of the website from which you arrived. This information is used to improve the user experience, help diagnose problems, gather demographic information and support security audits if they become necessary. Cookies and other Internet technologies may also be used to improve the user experience and performance of this website


By registering as a user on this website, you explicitly confirm that you are interested in an employment at ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP. You therefore voluntarily provide your personal data to be used for recruiting purposes, in particular for filling and matching your profile with any and all open positions at ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP, including beyond those for which you specifically applied.


By registering as a user on this website and by releasing your profile, you furthermore agree to ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP contacting you for HR marketing purposes. If, at a specific time, you should no longer wish to be contacted especially for direct marketing or market research, we will respect your choice. Please use the following contact email:


If there is a job opportunity within ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP and it matches your profile, ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP may forward your data to the responsible ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP Account managers within ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP for further validation and in order to contact you for interviews.


You may view and update your account and/or request correction, deletion or locking of your personal data at any time. Please use the following contact email: If you do not update your profile within a period of two years, ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP may send you an e-mail to ask you to update your profile. If you do not update your profile by the given deadline, your profile including your personal data will be deleted. Please use only private email addresses for requests. ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP will only send information to your private address.


  1. Application

You also have the possibility to apply solely for one defined job opportunity. To activate these restrictions, you have to mark your user settings accordingly while activating your registration or before sending your application.

By applying for a specific job opportunity, you provide ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP.  with your personal data to the extent as mentioned above. You are responsible for ensuring that the personal data you provided is correct and true. By submitting your application, you agree to your personal data being used in conjunction with the filling of open positions complying with Your profile by following the above mentioned principles unless stated otherwise below.

You have the option of withdrawing your application at any time. Your data will be deleted in accordance with the applicable laws once the application process ends or if you withdraw your application. However, your data will not be deleted for a certain time period if you released it for the registration process. In this case, the process described in Section 1 applies.

Please use only private addresses for requests. ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP.  will only send information to your private address.

  1. Surveys

The ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP. continuously wants to improve their processes. Therefore, they will ask applicants (and former applicants with an active account) to participate in anonymous surveys once in a while. These surveys will either be conducted by ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP. itself or by a specialized external processor on behalf of ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP. For this purpose any external processor will only get your name, e-mail address and a reference to an organizational unit within ICRESCERE SERVICES CORP. The surveys and the resulting reports will be completely anonymous. Your name and e-mail address will be deleted after our e-mail contact with you. Of course, it is completely up to you, whether you participate in such a survey. In case you prefer not to be contacted for surveys, please use the following mail:

Should you have any queries or clarifications, please contact